How can we help you?


How can we help you?

Our site is currently down for maintenance.

Besides the colours, what else has changed?

With the new OLX, we're excited to bring you a world-class platform that makes it easier, safer and faster to seal deals with real people.

For that to be possible we changed the following:

  1. Posting an ad is even easier and faster than before.
  2. Everyone has profiles, including buyers.
  3. You can now see if you and a buyer or seller have mutual friends.
  4. You can follow your favourite sellers and get notified when they have something new to sell.
  5. Share location in chat without giving away personal information.
  6. Share voice messages in chat
  7. You now have more ways to search for deals.
  8. You can see ads based on what you're interested in.
  9. Not only can you report ads, but you can report suspicious or inappropriate users via their profiles.
  10. Our new site is even sleeker and more responsive.