How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Meet with the other part

We suggest to always meet with the seller/buyer in a public place (such as a shopping mall or main center).

We do not know the person you are meeting, so be careful.

Be careful if:-

  1.  The buyer decides to pay using a cheque this could bounce thus you end up with no money and you already released your item. 
  2. The buyer purports to visit a nearest ATM in mall to withdraw cash to pay for the item you are selling. 
  3. The buyer changes the meeting venue and asks you to leave your item behind to go and collect the cash. 
  4. The buyer insists on paying via mobile money transfer-before releasing the item make sure the amount send can be withdrawn.
  5. The seller does not want you to test the item you are purchasing especially mobile phones and electronics
  6. The seller asks for a deposit especially for houses even before you view it. ( If the seller claims the house is on demand and has more than one tenants looking for the same house and  insists on making deposit report the matter to us.)

Always verify the item before and after paying for it. 

If you still have questions, please Contact Us