How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Posting rules

The following rules must be followed when posting an Ad on OLX:

  • Photos shouldn’t have any watermarks.
  • All items and services must be available in Uganda.
  • All items and products that break the law are strictly prohibited. This is pretty serious. If you’re unsure, please see the list of
  • prohibited items.
  • Any form of multi-level marketing (i.e. pyramid schemes) is not allowed.
  • All ads must be clear, factual and not offensive in any way.
  • All items must be posted separately, except for sets e.g. shoe and bag set, dining set etc.
  • Ads must have clear and factual descriptions. In the end, you’re trying to sell something.
  • Ads that link to third party websites in aren't allowed.
  • Duplicated adverts aren’t cool. Or allowed.
  • Ads looking for friendship, relationships or donations aren’t allowed either. There are other websites for things like that.